Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app confiigure my Google Analytics?

We have created a set of scripts that can automatically configure your Google Analytics account for you.

To allow our scripts to perform the confiiguration, you first need to authorize the app for your Google Analytics account - this can be done by clicking the Authenticate Google Analytics Account button.

Can I loose data in my Analytics by using this app?
No - this app will not perform any action that could cause data loss. I will simply create new web properties and views/profiles as required.
How long does the configuration process take?
The configuration process iteself only takes around a minute, in some cases ( like Checkout Funnels & Goals ) you won't start seeing results in Google Analytics until after 24 hours.
Do you store or use my analytics data in the app?
No. We do not store or use any data from your analytics account. All we store is the required non-identifiable authentication token and the IDs of any properties and views that was created by this app.
Can I revert back after having this app configure my Google Analytics?
Yes - no problem. Any new web properties and profiles/views created and configured by this app can easily be deleted through the Google Analytics interface.
Why does the app create 3 views - Master, Test and Raw?
Having a raw/unfiltered view on your analytics property ensures that no data/traffic is being discarded or lost. It is a safeguard that is recognised as good practice when setting up an analytics account.
The master view is the view you will use day to day, and where you can add your exclusions, filters etc to get more readable and actionable reports.
The test view is useful for, experiments and tests. Any changes done to individual views does not affect the data in Google Analytics or your other views.